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Side Lights - Adding More Backup/Security Lights

We recently wrote about adding Rear Lights to our Bighorn. We added this feature as we typically arrive at our campsite in the dark during winter camping trips.

The rear lights did an amazing job of providing light at the back of the RV, yet we still had some blind spots on the side of the RV. Luckily, when running the wire for the rear lights, we added additional wiring for side lights just in case....!!

In the pictures below, you can see the door side (with the stairs) and the off door side of the RV. Note, in the second image, you can clearly see the water pipe/faucet and the power breaker. The 3rd picture was taken from the exact same spot as the second image without the side lights. They say a picture speaks a 1000 words and I think this is a clear acknowledgement of why installing the side lights was a good idea!

Items Used for this project:


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