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Dry Camping.....Not for Everyone 

But For Those That Want To....This Page Is For You.

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We tend to "dry camp" (some call it "boon-docking") more than camping in RV resorts with all the bells and whistles (power, full hook-ups, water, etc..)  We find it more relaxing to be way out in nature vs on a concrete slab.   Not that camping at fancy RV resorts isn't great, because it is.  We have enjoyed many RV Resorts and find ourselves very pampered when we don't have to conserve power, water and are able to empty the holding tanks whenever we feel like it. 

Over the years, we've added products that make it easier to stay for longer periods of time, without running generator to charge our batteries.   For example, we were able to camp 21 straight days without ever having to run our generator.   Solar power is the key to this, and we'll go into details on what is the right solution for you in a later blog post.  


Solar panels can be roof mounted or a portable device...or perhaps a combo of both.   Having an efficient inverter is game changer.   We will post blog entries in the future on why we think Pure Sine Wave Inverters are worth the extra cost. 

We use Go Power's 2000 watt inverter, and find it has plenty of power for our RV and still within budget. ​If you want to go all out, grab the 3000 watt to the right. :) ​ NOTE - This device connects with plug hard wiring option.
This is 3 devices in 1.
  1. 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter
  2. 100 amp charger
  3. Dual 50 amp transfer switch
Also includes a digital display remote and temperature sensor. 
You NEED the POWER! 3000 Watts Pure Sine Wave Power!! The ultimate choice for loads that demand power!​ ​ This unit is for hard wired ONLY connections (which is GOOD!!)
A great solution for those of you not wanting to undergo the effort and cost of installing permanent solar panels to the roof of your RV.  Great for entry level solar and/or augmenting solar panel on roof of RV.

At almost $3,700, I don't expect a lot of these are flying off the shelf...


However, this kit provides everything you need to go from zero to 100% solar install on your RV.  It gets great reviews on

  • 3000 watt pure sine inverter

  • Transfer Swith

  • 480 watts of solar panels

  • 200 amp fuse

  • Remote monitoring unit

  • Wire to connect battery to inverter

  • Wiring from panels to controller

  • Charge Controller

  • 75 amp Converter

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