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You can download our Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) document by clicking on the PDF icon below.    Once you download the file, it might be helpful to send a copy to your dealer, so they know you will need ~4 hours to complete.  

If this is your first RV and you're looking for a list of items you should purchase prior to picking up your RV, then just click here.  These are some items we feel might make your RV life a bit more comfortable and enjoyable as you start your RV adventures.











Enjoy your RV!! 
Melinda & Jim


Disclaimer...I am not a Professional RV inspector nor am I licensed to do any RV repair. This document is simply a list of information I find helpful.  By using this document, you take full responsibility for your RV's inspection.  This list is not considered an exhaustive list of items to inspect.

Click the PDF icon to open PDI.   

You can save or print from there.

If you find the PDI helpful, please  consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel, by clicking on our picture.

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