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The following are items we feel are "Must Have Items" and should be purchased before you pickup your RV.  

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Items We Consider A "Must Have" For An RV Owner (list view vs. pictures)

Mattress Memory Foam

  • ​Might be best to shop local for this

  • Most (if not all) factory RV mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable​​​

Camco 15' Sewer Hose​​​​​

  • Ever see the movie "RV" with Robin Williams?

  • You do NOT (repeat do NOT!) want to purchase a low quality sewer hose!!

Clear Connector for Waste Valve

  • ​Allows you to see when tanks are clean

  • Allows to also see the flow of water 

15amp to 50amp Adapter

  • Converts 15amp plug to 50amp connection

  • Great for charging RV at home with typical 15amp plugs

30amp to 50amp Adapter

  • Used when RV park only has 30amp shore power

  • Converts 30amp plug to 50amp connnection

Hose for black tank

  • Label for black tank flush ONLY

  • Never use for ANYTHING else.  

50' Hose for fresh water line

  • Roll up for easy to carry and storage

Water Pressure Regulator

  • Protect your RV's internal water lines

Disposable Rubber Glove

  • Use when emptying Black and Grey tanks.

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