Portable Dyson Vacuum
Viair RV Air Compress
Truck Tire Step
15' Telescoping Ladder
Water Filter
Screen Door Handle
TST - Tire Pressure Monitor
2 Pack Sensors for TPMS
4 Pack Sensors for TPMS
Furrion Camera for RV
Oxygenics Shower Head
Keyless Entry with "RVLocks"
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Items We Consider A "Should Have" For Safety & Comfort (list view vs. pictures)

  • Portable Dyson Vacuum

    • Great portable vaccum with a lot of power​

    • We're in an RV...floors will be dirty....Dyson to the Rescue

  • Tire Step

    • Access the hitch on your 5th wheel or bed of truck with ease

    • Keep your shirt clean from not leaning on rail of truck

  • Water Filter

    • Larger capacity in-line RV water filter lasts an entire season

    • Reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water​

  • Screen Door Handle

    • Easy to install...about 5 minutes

    • Allow your to close screen door with ease

  • Camera on Rear of Trailer

    • ​Be safe and see what is behind your when parking the RV

    • See drivers as they approach you while driving.  

    • Easy to make lane changes

  • Oxygenics Shower Head

    • Great for getting shampoo & conditioner out of hair

    • Has a stronger spray with the feel of increased water pressure.

  • Keyless Entry with "RVLocks"

    • Use Keypad to lock and unlock doors.   

    • No more need to remember keys. 

    • Comes with remote to lock and unlock door 

The following are items we feel you should consider for safety and comfort.  Therefore these are our on our "Nice To Have" list.

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