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The following are items we feel you should consider for safety and comfort.  Therefore these are our on our "Nice To Have" list.

Items We Consider A "Should Have" For Safety & Comfort (list view vs. pictures)

  • Portable Dyson Vacuum

    • Great portable vaccum with a lot of power​

    • We're in an RV...floors will be dirty....Dyson to the Rescue

  • Tire Step

    • Access the hitch on your 5th wheel or bed of truck with ease

    • Keep your shirt clean from not leaning on rail of truck

  • Water Filter

    • Larger capacity in-line RV water filter lasts an entire season

    • Reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water​

  • Screen Door Handle

    • Easy to install...about 5 minutes

    • Allow your to close screen door with ease

  • Camera on Rear of Trailer

    • ​Be safe and see what is behind your when parking the RV

    • See drivers as they approach you while driving.  

    • Easy to make lane changes

  • Oxygenics Shower Head

    • Great for getting shampoo & conditioner out of hair

    • Has a stronger spray with the feel of increased water pressure.

  • Keyless Entry with "RVLocks"

    • Use Keypad to lock and unlock doors.   

    • No more need to remember keys. 

    • Comes with remote to lock and unlock door 

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