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RV Upgrade - Lippert Solid Steps - WOW!!

A little over a year ago, we installed Torklift Glowsteps to replace the factory steps that came with our Bighorn and found that they were far superior. Easy to set up, put away....and definitely stronger than the narrow, bouncy factory steps.

Then, something happened! We parked next to a couple that had the Solid Steps by Lippert installed on their fifth wheel. We had to try them!! And once we did, we knew we were back in the market for new steps. These are truly "Solid Steps" folding and unfolding which ultimately means that no creaking or flexing.

You can see in the video link below, how easy it is to deploy and put the steps away. Of course you might notice that water or dirt could fall into the RV when we put the steps away, but that is easily resolved by brushing off the steps before you put them away.

This model comes with an extra wide step at the top which Melinda LOVES. The biggest benefit is when you're coming out of the RV, having an extra wide step for the first step is great!!

Next on the list will be to get the Storage Bin from Lippert that fills in the area where the old steps were stored. We are planning on using this space to store wheel chocks, hoses, etc....


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