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Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Document


The image above is just 1 of the 11 pages for this document. This document has been something I have been sharing on RV forums for years. I had it on my Comcast personal web page for many years, until Comcast decided they no longer wanted to provide personal web page services. At that point, I had just over 12,000 "views" and about 4000 downloads. It has been on a shared Google Drive for the last 4 years, but I have no way to track downloads from Google Drive. I have updated the document to include information for 5th wheel trailers. This document should be used BEFORE you pay for your RV. Plan to spend about 4 hours to complete this properly. You can find it here. As always, your comments are welcomed, but just remember, I am not a certified RV mechanics, so all information is just from my personal point of view and by no means is this meant to cover everything you need to inspect.



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