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No Lock Code Needed - RVLOCK Upgrade!

We love our replacement lock RVLOCK for our Bighorn. With this replacement lock, we are able to lock/unlock our Bighorn, without having to use a cool is that!

The one thing that bugged us before we made this change was ......why do we have to enter our code every time we wanted to lock the door rather than just push the lock button? It seemed unnecessary. So we called RVLOCK and to our surprise, they had a an option for less than $20 that would allow us to just touch the lock icon to lock our door!

If you don't already have this aftermarket lock on your RV...then you should consider this change. The extra bonus comes with a remote that also locks/unlock the door.

Note.... I created this video before it was determined that both boards need to be replaced on all locks. Originally, it was thought only one board needed to be replaced. Therefor, the video will only show you how to replace one board. The board behind the keyboard is VERY easy to swap out...takes about 3 mins once you have completed swapping out the first board (as shown in the video below).


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