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New Stairs! Bye-Bye Bounce

We were never big fans of the stairs that came with our Bighorn as they tended to bounce and rock the trailer when entering the RV and going out.

As part of the Pacific Region Heartland Rally that we attended in Sept, 2017, we entered a contest for a set of Torklift Glowstep Revolution stairs.....and we WON! Below is the image Jim created for the contest, showing a person doing a back-flip off the bottom step of the Bighorn.

Below are a couple of pictures.. one shows the old stairs and one is the after shot with the

Glowstep stairs. I think you can clearly see why this is a great addition to our RV. We actually covered up the holes on the old stairs, to avoid having our dog catch a toenail. While he never did that, we felt it was better to be safe and not have him tear off a toenail. The step covers were removed for this picture.

The video will show you the installation process...with a special message from Jim on what NOT to do.

Items Used In The Video:


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