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GoPower TS-50 Transfer Switch Install

This is our first “how to” video, so please be kind with the comments. I’m sure I said something incorrectly while trying to look at the camera and speak at the same time. 😊

We created this video as we just completed adding the GoPower TS-50 Transfer Switch in our Bighorn 5th wheel. Then we realized it was too late to create the video.

GoPower to the rescue!! Graciously, they shipped a loaner device so that we could create the video.

Big KUDOS to GoPower. They are awesome and their Technical Support Team was fantastic to work with.

Items Shown in Video:

GoPower TS-50 Transfer Switch -

• High Leverage Cable Cutter -

• 6 Gauge / 4 Wire Cable for 50 Amp Wiring -

• Cable Clamp (You will need 3) -

• PDF of Transfer Switch Wiring -

In addition, this was our first time using a Green Screen. We'll be doing a bit more research on perfecting Green Screen footage. We'll work on the lighting setup a bit more, in order to avoid the slight green halo in some of the shots. Live and learn. 😊

Jim & Melinda



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