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Go Power! IC-2000 - Inverter & Converter & Transfer Switch

We installed a 2000 watt Go Power Inverter to go along with our 3 Trojan T-1275 batteries in our Bighorn, but after a while we felt the need for a more efficient converter. We also wanted to cut down all the extra wiring in the RV.

Go Power! IC-2000 was the answer! It's a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter with a built in converter/charger (100 amp) and built in transfer switch (Dual 50 amp). As an added bonus, it also comes with a battery temperature sensor and the remote display panel. Nice!

The IC-2000-12 is capable of passing a full 50 amps of service to our Bighorn and there is NO need for a Sub-panel…how awesome is that!!

The IC-2000 has an interesting feature called “power share”. In theory, this will allow us to combine the 2000 watts from the IC-2000 with our generator to start one of our air conditioners. Once the AC units have started, the power requirement drops significantly and will run on just the generator.

Go Power IC-2000 -

High Leverage Cable Cutter -

6 Gauge / 4 Wire Cable for 50amp Wiring -

We recommend starting the video below, but then click on the YouTube Logo (lower right of playback screen) and watch it on YouTube. Then you can increase the resolution all the way to 4k. :)


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