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Denver Mattress Upgrade!!

Both of us agreed the mattress that came with our Bighorn Trailer just wasn't allowing us to get comfortable and get a good nights sleep. It seemed thin...and didn't have the support that we individually needed. We woke up most mornings with a sore shoulder or sore hips.

Not a great way to start the day!! We needed something different.

After a bit of research and reading multiple reviews, we decided to try the RV Supreme Euro Top by Denver Mattress®. This mattress grabbed our attention due to the fact that it is made with all natural materials along with the contouring cushion top. It looked comfortable!!

Ordering the mattress was easy! Our queen size mattress shipped directly to our door in a box measuring 16"X 16"X 62". Easy to move... We noticed the variety of size options available which is nice when looking for the perfect size for your RV.

The company does a great job of vacuum packing the mattress. Since the mattress is shipped compressed and rolled...It was easy to get out of the box, carry into the trailer and set it onto the plywood bed stand.

As soon as we started to open the bag, the mattress instantly expanded. The mattress expands FAST! Be ready! If you have opened compressed mattresses might be expecting some chemical smells......NOT THIS MATTRESS!! The chemical smell from other mattresses typically comes from the fire barrier. It is an awful smell which takes several days to dissipate. We immediately noticed after opening the Denver Mattress that there was NO chemical smell! Rather than using highly toxic chemicals to meet first prevention regulations, the Denver Mattress uses all natural materials. That a HUGE bonus!!

We are looking forward to our next outing in the trailer....and giving the new mattress a try. We will let you know our thoughts/reviews in a follow up blog!

Watch our Video Review on YouTube.


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