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Changing Lippert Hydraulic Leveling Jack

Shopping for a new RV is fun. However, finding the perfect fit can take time. When we were shopping for our last RV, an absolute must item on our priority list was auto-leveling. We had many frustrating moments with our prior RV.... when leveling proved to be difficult. Many times, we had to start over and connect the truck back to the trailer...Yuck!

We have had our RV with auto leveling for the past three years and it has been ..... wonderful. Yet about 3 months ago, Melinda noticed a small amount of fluid on one of the jacks pad. Sure enough, the jack was leaking a bit of hydraulic fluid, which was pooling up on the pad. Bummer!!

This wasn't something we could ignore so we had to get a replacement jack. We called Lippert right away. We provided Lippert with a few numbers off our existing jack so they could order the correct jack.

While we have been able to do most of the repair work on our Bighorn...(we consider ourselves a bit handy).... this one was something we've never done before! We decided to enlist the help of an RV Repair professional. Enter Matt, the owner of "That Trailer Guy" in Dundee, Oregon. We've used Matt for other large projects (solar install, custom hitch for our Bighorn and for our Truck) so we knew he could help.

The job would have only taken Matt about 30 minutes if Jim hadn't been there asking so many questions and video recording everything, but Matt just let Jim do his thing in order to create this Blog and the associated YouTube video. (Matt is amazing!)

You'll need a good set of socket wrenches, a torque wrench, some "Pig" Oil Absorbent Pads, a nice light to see everything, some type of hydraulic hose plug (Matt used "Pig's Tail Plugs" and a nice creeper board is always helpful when working under the RV (or truck).

Click below to watch the video on YouTube


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