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Battery Upgrade - 6 Battle Born Lithium Batteries

After 15+ years of buying Trojan "Flooded" batteries for our RV's, we made the move to Lithium. Why did I wait so long...???

I know these have been available for a while and I've always thought they were nice, but never really considered making the move nor the investment. Last summer we camped in 100 degree weather for over 8 days straight. This caused us to run our generator everyday to keep the batteries charged. We decided it was time to make a BIG change.

We spent quite a bit of time on research..... reading all kinds of articles, watching countless YouTube videos and finally deciding on Battle Born as our supplier of choice.

Battle Born has been fantastic to work with. Jim tends to ask as LOT of questions and double (sometime triples) checks everything. Battle Born stuck by his side and answered countless questions. That is customer service!!

We ordered 6 Battle Born 100 Amp hour batteries, model number BBGC2.

  • 100 Amp Hour, 12 Volt Battery

  • LiFePO4 Chemistry

  • 3000 - 5000 Cycles

  • Compatible with your current charger, smart charger or inverter charger

  • Drop in Replacement for 6 volt GC2 Lead Acid Batteries

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Designed and Assembled in Reno, Nevada, USA

  • 10.32 x 6.86 x 11 (L x W x H)

  • 29 lbs​

We changed the wiring during the install, not that it was needed for the batteries. Jim just wanted to take the opportunity to "clean things up a bit". Shown below on the left is the "before" wiring layout and on the right is the "after" wiring layout.

You'll need to watch the YouTube video to get all the information on why moving to Lithium was a better overall VALUE for us and supports our desire for long dry camping opportunities.

Below are a few images from the video. In the end, don't consider price only. You need to also consider usage, your batteries expected "depth of Discharge", charge cycles and ability to use 100% of your lithium batteries vs only 50% with AGM/Flooded batteries. Once you have all this information, you will see the big picture and the positive reasons (the pros!) to consider Lithium for your RV.

Note - I have an error in my numbers for the SOC of the Lithium batteries in the video. The discharge rate is correctly shown below

100 13.4v

90 13.3v

80 13.3v

70 13.2v

60 13.2v

50 13.2v

40 13.1v

30 13.0v

20 12.9v

10 12.0v

Watch Video on YouTube.


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