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Adding a 3rd Battery to Our RV

As we"dry camp" about 80% of the time, we decided it was time to add an additional battery to our 5th Wheel. We already had two Trojan T-1275 batteries and they were doing a great job, but I wanted to add one more...just to be safe. Who wouldn't want more power?

Here is what our new battery configuration looks like. We're happy to share with you the steps involved in adding the 3rd on

Here is our original setup, with two Trojan T-1275 batteries.

Here is the new"battery box" purchased from Costco to house the three batteries together. Typically, a battery box from a dealer can run over $100.... yet this sturdy storage tub was only $9. Not only a great deal...but also a great fit!

First, I drilled out the venting holes in the bottom of the box and inserted the PVC tube

Next, I finalized the layout of the three batteries installed in the box. I used foam around the edges to keep the batteries in place and absorb some for the vibration while driving. The foam also provides some insulation to the batteries during the winter months. Each battery has 150 Amp Hours so now we have 450 Amp Hours!

Then I drilled holes in the cover to allow for airflow from the top. Again, I had to insert the PVC pipe in the lid, to allow for the tubing to connect. The tubing goes up to the front of the storage compartment and air flows in while driving.

Here is one tube connected and one left to attach.

All done! Lid is on and the vent hoses attached. Can't wait to give our new set up a try!


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