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AC Power & Dry Camping (Part 1)

I was quoted $1700 in labor to install a 2000 watt inverter in our Bighorn (labor only...NOT including the devices needed), which would power all the electrical stuff, except the Air Conditioning units. I decided this was a bit too much to spend, so I decided to educate myself on this process and undertake the install myself. The 3 major items I ended up installing were an Electrical Management System (EMS), a Go Power 50 amp Transfer Switch (TS-50) and a 2000 watt Go Power Pure Sine Inverter.

The install took longer than expected, but I was still learning, so I guess this should have been expected. One of the hardest parts was working in the cramped area in the Bighorn's "basement" area. The other issue that took a LOT of time was simply working with the 2 gauge wire....that stuff is great for large power loads, but it is difficult to work with in tight area and getting it into all the small connections.

I will go into each of the 3 products I installed in my next for each, as they are important to understand. Shown below is the diagram of the installation and an image of the "basement" area I had to manipulate myself around in, in order to complete the install. This can help you understand the items that are needed for this type of install. I will create a full list and post it here in the near future.


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