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Testing 3 RV Water Filters - Who Can Remove Virus and Rust??

We’ve done a few videos on ClearSource water filters, but this time, we did things a bit differently. This time around, we demonstrate how the VirusGaurd™ filter from ClearSource filters out harmful virus’s.

We start with placing ink in a jug of water, as ink is the same microscopic level as virus’s. The ink water is then passed through several different water filtration systems ....... “ClearSource”, “Camco” and “RV Water Filter Store”. But we didn't stop there!

We shift over to testing the filtration systems for rust. This one is fun to watch and CLEARLY you can see the the strongest choice in each of these tests. Anyone care for a glass of ink water? How about a glass of rust water? We’ll…I do, but only after it’s been filtered of course. 😎



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