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Pacific Region - Heartland RV Rally

When you own a Heartland RV, you instantly became part of the Heartland community. This instant family is a fantastic way to make connections, form new friendships, share interests and experiences.... and best of all, create lifetime memories.

This past weekend, we went to our first Pacific Region Heartland Rally and it was amazing! Although it was a quick trip for us....we were able to attend a seminar featuring new RV steps, catch up with old friends who now have a Heartland RV and toured several new RV's that were parked on site!

This type of event can include contests! One part of this Rally was a contest, sponsored by Torklift. They were giving away a fantastic set of replacement stairs for RV's. Glowstep Revolution steps by Torklift are VERY stable, where the factory stairs tend to get a bit "bouncy" over time. We haven't been happy with our steps.... the struggle is REAL! Our stairs are so bouncy, you can do a back flip off them. So, we were absolutly interested in participating in the contest.

Torklift asked for participants to show a picture of there steps....and why you might want or need the Glowstep Revolution system. Shown below was our entry to the contest! There were many amazing entries. We are happy to report out that we were fortunate to win the new steps! We are looking forward to installing them.

Before we had to leave the Heartland Rally, Jim took his drone out and captured some footage of resort and rigs. The footage ends with a group shot, expressing gratitude and thanks to Heartland for sponsoring such an outstanding event.


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