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NEW! "TST-507" TPMS System with Color Display

We've all come across things we already own that could be 1 to 2 versions older than the new models. For the most part, I ignore the urge to update to newer models. this particular circumstance.... upgrading my TPMS was WELL worth the change.

Our 3 year old Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) from TST was working well. I had recommended the system to several people and those who purchased the TPMS were very pleased with it.

Enter the new TST 507....with a color display. Yes.... a COLOR display! The larger screen itself was a great upgrade yet the colored display allows me to easily view the numbers and information. While it's Melinda's job to keep an eye on the TPMS while traveling, I like to look over every now and then to see what is going on. Rest assure, you don't have to watch the display at all times due to an audible alarm that will go off if any tire reaches a critical point (temperature or PSI).

One upgrade added to this version was the ability to have more than one trailer configuration. Nice! If you have an RV and perhaps a horse trailer or utility trailer, you can configure those as "trailer 2" and "trailer 3" and simply toggle between them, based on which trailer you're towing. How cool is that!?! Oh, they also include a "repeater" that can be installed to increase the signal to the display in your truck. Our "older" TPMS dropped signal just a few times, but having the repeater included for our new TPMS was a great addition!

Listed below are links to different SKU's, based on your need. We needed the 10 Tire Sensor Kit for our Ford Dually Truck (6 tires) and our RV (4 tires).

Note... using TST's "pass-through" sensor model on our Ford-350 was difficult with our prior model. There simply wasn't a lot of room to get an air hose in/out of the rim to the inner tire. You might want to check your truck to make sure which version is best for you. You should also have metal valve stems on your tires, as the added weight of these sensors, could cause rubber value stems to fail.

Here are some key features of the TST-507 taken from TST's web site.

Key Features:

  • Now includes a repeater to maximize the performance of the system!

  • Real time display of tire pressure and temperatures

  • Easy installation

  • Light, compact, and water-resistant sensors

  • Accurate pressure readings

  • Pressure range of 0 to 218 pounds

  • User replaceable CR1632 batteries

  • Anti-theft feature on sensors

  • Monitor up to 110 tires and 4 trailers at 24 tires each

  • User adjustable high and low-pressure alarm levels

  • Audible and visual alerts on display

  • Display can monitor up to 4 trailers

  • For use on metal valve stems only

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