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New And Improved RVLock - Now With Even More Security!

We purchased a new RV in May of 2023 and we knew we were going to replace the factory lock with one from RVLock. We install RVLock locks on our last 2 RV's and there was never any question as to if we would put one on this RV.

We installed this lock the first week we had our new RV. Changing our door lock was the second modification to our new RV....the first was replacing the factory mattress.

RVLock had made some big improvements over their last version. This was model was SOOO much easier to program to the new unlock code (away from factory 1234) and the 2 included remotes.

We are happy to share a discout code for 10% off your order, just use the code “Tanners10” at checkout. We are not marketing afflicated with RVLocks, so the code is simply just a discount code...we get no payment/commision if you use the code.


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