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Lithium Battery "Generator"

Every now and then you get a product that does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do and does it very ..... very well. The Schumacher DH139 is that product.

This handy generator runs off the internal 750Wh Lithium battery which creates 110v power (up to 500w) for your electrical needs. Great for camping, tailgating and more.

Benefits of this little generator? There is NO sound from the internal inverter. None.... But that's not all. There's no messy gas tank to fill, no oil to change and it starts with the press of a button. Long gone are the time when you have to hope (repeatedly) that the darn thing starts!! Oh yea...and no exhaust fumes to deal with. You can run this indoors!!! This is a great backup power source when the power goes out. If you happen use a CPAP, this device can run overnight, powering your device with no noise. It provides a 500 watt of pure sine wave that can support sophisticated electronic appliances. With two 110 volt AC outlets, three USB ports and a 12V DC outlet, this generator has your power needs covered.

Technical Specs:

  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery

  • An excellent alternative to a traditional generator

  • No fumes or fuel – quiet and safe for indoor use

  • Powers appliances, electronic devices, remote and battery operated power tools

  • Built-in 500W pure sine wave inverter

  • Two 110V AC household outlets – back-up power for home appliances

  • Three USB ports for charging USB devices, including smartphones, mp3 players and tablets

  1. 1A

  2. 2A

  3. 2.4A

  • Two 12 Volt DC outlets

  • One 12V DC cigarette lighter outlet

  • Bright 5-mode LED light

  • LCD display


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