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Internal TPMS on F-450 DRW. Add Tire Pressure with Ease! Eliminate Valve Steam Extenders!!

We were very excited to order our 2022 Ford F-450! During the 6 month wait, Jim was VERY busy on YouTube researching everything he could learn about the truck. One thing that kept coming up was the lack of an integrated TPMS system for 6 tires on the truck. Surprisingly, it appears the 19.5” steel belted tires were incompatible with the Ford’s TPMS solution.

We knew Jim could add after-market TPMS modules to the valve steams, but those caused a big issue with the inside tires, as there was no way to add air to the inside tires with a TPMS sensor installed. Having all tires inflated to the proper pressure is a BIG safety concern, so we knew we’d have to remove the outside tire to add air to inside tire and that was not a great solution.

Jim had a contact with TST who then suggested connecting with Eric with TechnoRV. From there, we learned of a solution that could solve this dilemma. TechnoRV has a sensor that mounts inside the tire (not a valve stem replacement) to the rim. After waiting 5 months and 3 weeks, our new F-450 arrived. We took it to our local tire store (Les Schwab) and we had the 6 sensors installed on the truck….we were AMAZED!!! The new system is working GREAT! Next up, we are planning to take the RV to get the sensors installed on those 4 tires. In addition, this new system can monitor the spare tire on the truck and trailer…. that is a nice bonus!! Knowing this we are planning to use our prior valve stem TPMS modules on the spare tire on the F-450 and our RV


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