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Hummingbirds Visiting Us Daily

While camping at Wickiup Reservoir last year, a hummingbird visited the painted red sections on the outside of our trailer. He would buzz by, stop....hover near the to the other side....and then would take off! This would happen several times a day. We were surprised by the visits... as this never happened before during our trips to Wickiup in previous years. While driving home from our trip, we decided to put a hummingbird feeder on our list of items, so we could feed them during our next stay.

This year, with the hummingbird feeder in place, we were hopeful that our little friend would once again find our trailer. It didn't take long! Not just one hummingbird came to the feeder, we had up to four at one time. One quickly became territorial. He would place himself on a nearby branch and chase the other visitors away. It was entertaining to watch the birds chase each other around the camp and to listen to the chatter!

While we loved the daily visits from afar, we wanted a closer look! Using random stuff to create a tripod for one of our GoPro cameras, we captured our little friends in action. This actually turned out better than we had hoped for. We ended up with a great stretch of video footage, yet we placed a quick video here for everyone to enjoy.


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