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DARN Motorcycle Battery!  AGGHHHH

With all good intentions, Melinda and I got up early in order to beat the 100+ degree temperature today. Gear on, check!... GoPro's aligned, check!...Gas tanks filled, check!.... Warm up engines, silence. Nothing! What??!? Melinda's motorcycle started perfectly at home! It was time to problem solve! After checking over the bike, we concluded that we needed a new battery. This is where having technology out in the wilderness helps! We fired up the hot spot and range extender (range extender video blog coming soon) and located a near by business that sold motorcycle batteries. Before leaving camp, we called to verify that a battery was available. Four hours later, old battery battery in...and we're ready to try again tomorrow morning! Until then, we will be hanging out in our hammocks in the shade until the temperature goes down.

Old battery on battery still in box. Picked up two new spark plugs as well.

New battery on right and two new spark plugs too

New battery installed...just need to put cover and seat back on and we are ready to ride!!


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