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Casey's Riverside RV Resort

Sometimes you can’t see something until you are looking for it. How true!

For years, Jim and I have driven past the tiny town of Westfir, including a sign along Hwy 58 pointing towards Casey’s Riverside RV Park.....never paying much attention to it.

Boy, have we been missing out on a beauty of a spot!

Recently, we needed a spot to camp...and the search was on! The annual Perseid meteor shower was coming up and we desperately wanted to find a location. In years past, we have been lucky enough to be in remote locations to view the fireballs fly by. Yet, this year, we hadn’t planned a camping trip ….and needed to find one fast. Just by chance, Jim looked for campgrounds with a 2hr. drive from Portland and came across Casey’s Riverside RV park. We reserved the LAST available spot at Casey’s Riverside RV park…..Once there, couldn’t stop kicking ourselves for not taking time to look into this location. It’s truly a hidden gem! Quiet, peaceful and best of all , in close proximity for those quick weekend getaways.

This location was a great match for us.

Take a look at what we found!

The park is snugged among rolling hills, forests and the Middle Fork Willamette River. Sites are easy to maneuver into. We were lucky to get a spot facing the river!

As we explored, we found ripe blackberries along the edge of campground...YUM! We spent a bit of time hunting for the perfect batch. Once we had our fill, we discovered the soft serve ice cream machine. Yep, you read that right! A self serve, soft ice cream machine in the middle of the campground. What a welcome treat on this HOT afternoon. While enjoying our ice cream cones...we found a bench to relax on next to the river. We saw several people fly fishing... and heard 3 to 4 fish were being caught each morning by each person. The river can seem fast....yet near the end of the camp is a beach with a slow patch that is perfect for young kids who want to play in the water. Can it get better than this? Yes.....yes, it can.

The next day, we drove around the area making a special trip to the local OHV area, Huckleberry Flats. Although we didn't have our bikes with us this trip, we definitely have found a new spot to ride! (Only 30 minutes away!)

Other nearby activities:

  • Golfing

  • Kayaking on a nearby lake

  • Hiking and mountain biking trails are in every direction!

  • Float the river (read article about it!)

In the end, we found a new camping spot that is close to home with so many new experiences for us to explore!


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