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Better RV Breakaway Cable Setup

We can connect to our 5th wheel hitch and the King Ping with ease.


However, attaching that DARN emergency brake cable from the King Pin to our truck/hitch...NOT FUN. It's the one step that I don't look forward to. You have be 7 feet tall to reach over the wheel well and get the cable!!! For the record....I'm not 7 foot tall. To complete this task, I have to step up on the tire, pull myself up and then quickly reach under the nose of the 5th wheel to grab the brake cable. Then attach it to the hitch...and end with a fantastic jump off the side of the truck. Side note: need to repeat this once you arrive to camp, in order to disconnect the cable before unhitching. Uhhggg....

...there has to be a better way.

I came up with this idea when I was talking to a buddy about adding a "Bull Ring" to his truck to add another location to tie off his motorcycle. I thought, I can use that same device on my truck, but attach my emergency brake cable to it. Perfect!!!

The pictures give you the idea of the set up....yet, jump over to the video on YouTube to see exactly how it works and how easy it is to install. Total install time is well under 30 mins....

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