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5 Days in Bend Oregon...So Nice!!

We started our 4th of July vacation camping in Eastern Oregon for 5 days and then came back to Bend Oregon for the last 5 days. We stayed at Crown Villa RV Resort. This place is probably the nicest RV Resort we've stayed in so far, but we only done about 10 RV Resorts as we boondock most of the time. I'll create a blog on the RV Resort in a few days.

Our goal was to complete a few "Pub Crawls" and to see a bit more of Bend, as we plan to move the that area once we retire. Of course our plan is to travel North America in our RV as well. :)

We ended up going to 9 different breweries...all of them were worth the trip....some a bit more that others.

By far, Sunriver Brewing (Galveston Pub) had the best food of the weekend. The Fried Chicken Sliders are worth driving 100's of miles for!! Melinda had the Sliders and I had the Bacon Burger. The Burger was good, but I once I had a bite of Melinda's slider, I knew I had made a mistake in my order.

At least I had plenty of cold beer to drown my sorrows. :)


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