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Installed Splendide Washer & Dryer

We have added some nice additions to our RV for long road trips. Better closet storage, desk area, solar panels ...just to name a few. One of the "game changers" we've done so adding a washer and dryer. In the past, we have taken time to find a local laundry mat. This option worked well. One of us would run around town to do errands while the other stayed to complete the rounds of laundry. However, it felt as though we lost our "adventure" time to this process. We desperately wanted to give up being tied down to planning a trip or location due to laundry needs.

We did our research and made the decision to install a Splendide stackable washer and dryer into our rig. We were a bit hesitant due to to loss the storage space, yet after switching items around.....and getting rid of unnecessary items (just stuff hanging around).... it has been nothing but a welcome change!

We are able to do laundry when we have full hook up. A quick load in the morning...... or evening! We even have the ability to do a load or two when we have water and electric. It doesn't keep us locked inside or tied down. When we have time...... we sneak a load in! Having the washer/dryer access in our trailer is such a freeing process.

While researching, we read about concerns such as the rig shaking during the spin cycle or an overwhelming sound while the washing/dryer are running. At this time, we have not experienced anything that would lead us to regret this decision. Overall....we couldn't be more pleased about this added addition to our big rig.

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