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The Ultimate Portable Solar Solution

Camping in the Pacific Northwest is some of the best camping we know of...magnificent waterfalls, deep weather-carved gorges, lush forests, beautiful snow-capped mountains, and rushing rivers!

However, with this great camping, you can be surrounded by trees.... BIG trees! And, BIG trees are not your friend if you're looking to produce power from your RV's roof solar panels. We previously used a 120 watt solution from GoPower!, but we decided to upgrade to ...2x100 Watt flexible panels & MPPT controller from GoPower!. We wanted the extra power and thinner/lighter panels..... which the switch provided!

Combining these two panels, with GoPower's 40amp MPPT controller, provides us with the best charging solution for our needs. On average, we were seeing 10amp from these two panels, which really adds up over the course of a day. Combined with our other roof panels, most days we were back to 100% by early afternoon...then we kicked on the GoPower IC2000 (Inverter/Converter) and used the 110v power from that to make ice for our "adult beverages" is pretty nice when you can make ice from the sun. LOL

Links to hardware:

Here are the exact details of the panels, from GoPower's web site:

  • Cell Type - Monocrystalline

  • Rated Power (Pm) - 100 W

  • Maximum Power (Vmp) - 17.5V

  • Maximum Power Current (Imp) - 5.68A

  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 21.0V

  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) - 6.28A

  • Maximum System Voltage - 600VDC

  • Weight - 2.9 lbs (1.35 kg)

  • Dimensions -44.6 x 21.4 x 0.1 in (1134 x 544 x 3 mm)

  • Warranty - 5 years power output

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