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Metolius River - Camping, Hiking & Relaxing

Let our adventures begin...

The first stop of our seven week adventure began in site 17 at Pioneer Ford campground. This beautiful space is located on the Metolius River near Sister, Oregon. It is further than other campgrounds along the Metolius River....yet the beauty of the location is that it offers several private, shady .....and peaceful spaces. We wanted just that!

Yet, our excitement quickly dissipated once we arrived and opened our trailer. Ouch! A roller bracket supporting the slide out broke...and dragged the linoleum along with it as we opened up the slide out. However...we went right into problem solving and worked out a plan! Within a day.... we had the problem mostly solved. Thank goodness for Ponderosa Forge in Sisters Oregon for welding the broken piece!

We spent the next few days hiking the trails along the river..... riding our bikes up to the Camp Sherman Country Store.... and visiting the fish hatchery. The adventures were amazing! We look forward to visiting this location again next year.

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