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Lippert SolidStep® Storage Box!!

It was VERY obvious that when we replaced our RV’s external stairs that we would need to do something about the big gap where the stairs were originally stored. The new stairs fold into the RV…see that video by clicking here.

We installed the Lippert SolidStep® Storage Box int this opening, as it is designed to work with your SolidStep® entry steps…what a great match!

The storage box mounts in the same space your old entry steps lived to provide more storage space for you and it looks like this box is now water tight. Great job Lippert in making this upgrade to your storage box. 😊

The box is designed to fill in the void under a trailer doorjamb, which is created when manual flip-down steps are replaced by the LCI SolidStep®. The storage box is mounted on the chassis of the trailer. The pre-assembled storage box is made of powdered steel, and can hold up to 100 pounds.

Link to box on Lipperts Site -

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