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Relocated Light Switches

We hated...yes...HATED having to walk into the RV, open the cabinet doors to turn on the lights. Same for going to bed. It just didn't make sense. It was a struggle to negotiate the individual switches. ( Why couldn't we just add a switch to control a combination of lights that we typically wanted on together?

So, we simply added a switch (brown to get close to cabinet color) to the the outside of the cabinet that is easily accessible when entering the RV or coming down the steps from the bedroom area. What a difference! We can now easily turn on/off the "ceiling" and "lounge" lights together. A great solution....efficient....easy to find and reach for in the dark. In all, it was about $15 for the switch on Amazon and 30 mins of work. I used my Dewalt Oscillating tool to make the square cut out..... LOVE that tool!! Before...during...after. Melinda is pleased!

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