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We Did An E-Bike Tour!!

We did something really fun!! We signed up for an “E-Bike” tour in Eugene, Oregon. The cost was $25 each, which included the bike rental, helmets, and a small snack during the ride. Not bad! When we arrived at our meeting spot, we were glad to learn we were the only two on the 2.5-hour tour! This worked to our benefit as we were able to ask a lot of questions about the bikes. Our tour was 20 miles in total and we could have easily done another 20 miles…without question! This was a great way to spend a few hours in Eugene and explore several beautiful parts of the city along the bike/walking paths which follow the Willamette River.

The Bikes: Jim rode a RadRover and Melinda rode a “RadCity Step-Thru” (she looked so cute on that darn thing!) After a brief tutorial on the operation of the bikes….we were off!! The bikes have 2 ways to ride. You can simply turn the “throttle” and the bike will provide 100% of the power…you just sit there and steer. OR.... you can peddle along with 5 different “pedal assist” modes. The higher the number, it increases the assist as you pedal. For the most part we used level 1 and 2, but one on section we went up a long and STEEP road, we used level 3 and 4, which was amazing. We climbed this step hill with hardly any effort (of course you can lower the assist level if you choose).

The Tour: The company in Eugene is “Zero Emissions Tours”, run by Gordon Pollock. We enjoyed our time Gordon. He patiently and thoroughly answered our questions about the bikes , (which I must have asked 20+ questions), but also pointed out several points of interest along our tour route. This was truly a great way to spend a few hours on our weekend and would highly recommend this adventure to all! We found Gordon by using Rad Power Bikes “Try Our Bikes” link. If you decide to purchase a bike after this tour, you get a $50 off coupon (per bike) from Gordon.

Conclusion: Yes, we ordered two bikes (same ones we rented) once we got back to our campground. Now we have a new way to get out and explore while camping, whether it's biking on beautiful mountain trail, cruising through a local city/town and stopping for coffee and snacks or simply exploring beyond our campsite.

Note…we are not affiliated with Rad Power Bikes or Zero Emission Tours. We paid full price for the Tour and full price for the 2 bikes. We will get no compensation if you take the tour or if you buy the bikes. This is us, simply providing you information.


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