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Small (really small) PC for Your RV!!

We LOVE this device! Before getting the Intel Compute Stick, we connected our laptop to the TV with a very long HDMI cable. This created a frustrating situation, as the cable was always in the way. We would have to continuously toss or adjust the cable so that we could get in and out of our chairs. The long cable also created a tripping hazard. Zul, our dog, would often get tangled, pulling the cable…..just creating havoc.

We needed a different option and the Intel Compute Stick was the perfect solution! The best part? Everything worked right out of the box. It comes with Windows 10….you do NOT have to purchase Windows 10 separately and then install it… How awesome is that!?!

We have the compute stick in the HDMI connector in the cabinet above our TV. If your RV does not come with this, you can easily attach the Compute Stick directly to your TV using the flexible HDMI cable that comes in the box.

Don’t forget about the Windows 10 feature to create a personal WiFi hotspot. Having the ability to log into a WiFi hotspot only once at your campground, and then having Windows use the same SSID that is already on all of your devices is priceless!


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