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New Master Light Switch

Melinda asked me during our last trip, "Why do we always have to flip on 3 light switches in the bathroom? Why can't it be just one switch"?

After thinking about her questions for just a split second....I said, "You're right. Great Idea!"

Here is the new master switch installed above the three existing switches.

I guess they put in 3 switches in case you are REALLY trying to save power when dry camping, but I fixed that!!

Here is my solution....very easy. 1 - Disconnect all power....both 12v and 120v

2 - Located the main 12v line, that feeds the 3 switches via a loop. (mine was a red/white wire)

3 - Cut hole for new switch and splice the main 12v line.

4 - Attached main 12v line to the master switch. (Link to Master Switch from Amazon)

5 - Screwed switch into wall....Done.

We can now leave the 3 switches in "on" position and turn them all on with the master switch. If we ever want to turn off a individual light, we just simply use original switch.


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