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Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Part of our RV With The Tanners blog will focus on camp grounds and places we

visit! We want to share our experiences with you. By creating an interactive map on our web page, it will make it easy to find our camping locations if interested! Will add that feature soon. Soooo much to do.

For Memorial Day Weekend, we joined family friends at Paradise Creek in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington. This location has both Reservable and non- Reservable sites. Most of the “Premium” sites (which backs up to creek) are non-reservable. The signs on the reservable sites say “not transferable”, which seem a bit unfair, as you can’t move over to a better site if it is available upon your arrival. Guess you might need to sweet talk the camp host and see if they can bend the rules a bit.

Note to those with taller RV’s…..there was one low hanging branch, at site 22 that I didn’t think we could avoid, so I had my son’s ride on top of the Bighorn and move it out of the way as we passed. We stayed in site 21 and had NO problem backing in our 37’ Bighorn. Site 20 is a “double” and it would be our first choice next time, but it is one of those darn non-reservable sites.

The weekend weather was fantastic, ranging from 75-85 degrees during the day. Stayed in shorts and a sweatshirt around the campfire at night, which is very unusual for PNW camping in May.

During our stay, we did our traditional hike down the creek bed and made a rock “Carin” at the peak of where the creeks rejoin. Of course, we forgot to bring our camera! Man…we need to learn how to be better bloggers.

However, for our next hike, we remembered to take our camera and captured a few nice shots of the waterfall and looking back down from the hike up.


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